Low chrome alloyed casting grinding bar

Cast bars-low chrome

Low chrome alloyed casting grinding bar


¢8 ¢10 ¢12 ¢14 ¢16 ¢18 ¢20 ¢20*25 ¢25*30 ¢30*35 ¢35*40

Chemical Composition

Designation Chemical Composition
C Si Mn Cr Mo P S
ZQCr2 2.2-3.5 0.3-1.4 0.2-1.5 0.3-3.0 ≤1.0 ≤0.2 ≤0.2

Properties and Microstructure

Designation (HRC) Microstructure
ZQCr2 ≥46 P+C

The bar with Chromium content ≤3.0% and the carbon content between 1.80% -3.30% are low chrome alloyed casting grinding bar. Its hardness (HRC) must be above 45 degrees in the national standard. In order to ensure performance of low chrome cast grinding ball, it is recommended must be tempered or heat treatment VSR. If the hardness (HRC) is below 40 degrees then the ball is lack of hardness or over-burnt.